Portland Thorns Academy

Portland Thorns Academy Mission Statement

The Portland Thorns Academy encompasses a holistic and goal-driven program to empower female athletes to maximize their potential, build confidence, and create leaders. Our integrated approach is focused on providing a pathway to collegiate, professional, and national team opportunities.

Portland Thorns Academy Values

Portland Thorns Academy Values

Growth Mindset

Portland Thorns Academy players believe their success requires not only talent, but dedication and hard work, to maximize their potential and to continue to grow as a player and an individual. They have the desire to be leaders and role models in athletics and their personal lives.

Character and Integrity

Portland Thorns Academy players exhibit integrity, compassion, and professionalism, on and off the field. They treat everyone with respect, and positively represent themselves and the organization in the community.


Portland Thorns Academy players have the ability to be self-motivated in the pursuit of individual and team excellence, even in the face of adversity.

Team Player

Portland Thorns Academy players have the desire to be an integral part of their team and the program. They strive to work well with others and support their teammates, coaches and the program. They believe that through teamwork, players and coaches can support each other in attaining team, program and individual goals.


Portland Thorns Academy

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